We are all facing trying and uncertain times and often become ‘frozen in fear’ at the thought of change. However, it is through change that life altering transformations can occur, if we see change as an opportunity for growth. Such changes can offer our biggest lessons and if we can both listen to our heart and step into this with courage, the decisions made can result in those changes which lead to our greatest success and personal happiness.


My passion and commitment to you, as a Life Coach, is to guide and motivate you to recognize within yourself the ability to achieve your goals and dreams. 


By utilising a specific goal orientated approach and methodology, I will reflect back to you the ways in which your current behaviour patterns and responses may be limiting you. With this approach I hope to empower you to formulate your OWN answers and solutions, so that you can achieve your highest potential. Whether we embark on your self discovery journey together whilst walking in Nature or in a relaxed safe, office space, I will commit to offer you a professional approach and show respect and integrity at all times. 


Life Coaching aims to highlight what obstacles or blockages may be affecting the achievement of your goals. It is a process which enables you to gain clarity of thought and to see through the seeming chaos which brings with it stress and anxiety. I will work with you in such a way that you are offered a space to become more present and mindful, allowing you to see the path forward in an objective and positive manner. This process requires you to take responsibility and accountability in a supportive environment, so that you will begin to feel confident about the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals. 


I offer an initial 15min free Life Coaching consultation, affording you the opportunity of ascertaining whether you feel you would like to work with me and to determine what approach will suit you best.  


Apart from my regular one-on-one sessions, which are one hour in duration, I have created 2 signature programs, namely the W.I.N. (Walk In Nature) Program and the Porcupine Program. 


In terms of my own approach, I am an empathetic person and a good listener. I aim to hear you and to understand exactly what it is you hope to achieve from our sessions together.


I am a certified and qualified Life Coach, and I am registered with COMENSA (the SAQA recognized non statutory body for Coaching and Mentoring in South Africa). My Life Coaching practice is called JourneyMan and is affiliated to my company Walking With Wollis.  I am also a registered Tourist Guide for the Western Cape and Surrounds and spend many hours in Nature as part of my own life journey and as a way to remain calm and grounded.


1:1 Life Coaching Session

The One on One Life coaching session is 1hr in duration and is focused on assisting you to develop a positive mindset in order to approach a current life challenge that you may be experiencing. It is recommended that you attend a minimum of four sessions to benefit from the coaching experience.

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W.I.N. Program ©

The W.I.N. (Walk In Nature) Program is a signature program which I have developed and combines my skills as a Life Coach and Nature and Adventure Guide. These Coaching sessions are a combination of walking in Nature and sit-down meetings where I will guide you to contemplate, reflect and become more mindfully present. These reflections will enable you to gain clarity as to the steps you need to take to move forward. This program will be designed to suit your current physical abilities and the duration (additional sessions) will be determined after our initial consultation.


Porcupine Program ©

The Porcupine Program is my group coaching experience for max 6 people per group. This is ideally suited to young adults and teenagers who enjoy working in a group environment offering support and mutual encouragement. These sessions are a combination of time spent in Nature as well as Group workshops. The Porcupine program has been designed to help identify opportunities for self development and personal growth. 

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