Duration: 1-5hrs

My shorter day walks are structured to suit my clients needs and abilities. I will discuss the various options available and tailor make the walk to suit your current fitness level, duration of walk and preferred route. 

I believe that an hour or more spent walking in the mountains, without the attachment of cell phones, general technology & bustling traffic, offers the best form of therapy and opportunities for unravelling from the daily stresses and busyness of life. 


I offer various walks on the mountains, in which I will accompany you, providing both security and companionship, as well as a general knowledge of both fauna and flora of the surrounding area. Our time together in Nature will offer you a safe environment in which to de-stress and reconnect to your inner voice and free spirit.


I am offering these walks to both young and old, and I will tailor the walks according to your own requirements and fitness level.  Our children, and especially the teenagers, are not exempt from stress, be it from school, the multitude of extra murals, friendship difficulties or peer pressure, and they seldom have the time to step off from their overloaded schedules. It is a known fact that children aren’t spending enough time in nature and, as a result, both children and teens (and adults, too) suffer from what author Richard Louv calls “Nature Deficit Disorder.” This is a condition that has been coined to characterise a set of symptoms that manifest or are exacerbated by limited, or a lack of, time out in Nature. Some of the mental health and physical symptoms that have been listed include anxiety, depression, ADHD, myopia and obesity. 


“As the young spend less and less of their lives in natural surroundings, their senses narrow, and this reduces the richness of human experience.”

—Richard Louv, author of “Last Child in the Woods” and cofounder of the Children & Nature Network


I offer a professional service in a caring and respectful manner.