I am committed to ensuring that any walk or tour that you book with me, whether it be a gentle 2 hour meander in Newlands Forest, or a 5 day trip away into the Cederberg mountains, will be professionally organised and catered to your specific needs. I believe that I am a considerate and caring individual who is focussed on providing you with the best experience of our country and the natural beauty it has to offer.

If it is a walking trip that you are interested in, we will discuss level of difficuty, duration and what area of Table Mountain you wish to explore. For the weekend getaways and longer tours, I believe that ‘free time’ for the client is imperative and I will structure the itinerary to include this. 


NOTE: With the current travel and other lockdown restrictions in place in South Africa at present, please email me directly to confirm availability and options.


Multi-Day Tours: 1-5 Days

 Before any tour package is confirmed we will discuss your dietary and other personal requirements, any areas of interest you wish to focus on and the type and duration of the tour itself. I work with local tourism accommodation vendors to offer various options for accommodation and the enjoyment of local food and entertainment. Please note that due to the distance away from Cape Town, the destinations of the Karoo, the Cederberg and Namaqualand will need at least 3 days for travel time and exploring. 

There is also the option of customising your tour towards a more holistic focus catering for individuals, groups and families, with participation in meditations, silent walks and other holistic activities. These will be aimed at allowing the client personal space as well as opportunites for personal growth and healing. For these offerings I will be collaborating with Lisa-Jane Baxter who is a healer with a practise in Cape Town. 


Each tour is costed individually and is based on the preferences and choices of the client. Once we have discussed and agreed on the itinerary and schedule, I will forward you the tour package cost (with terms and conditions attached). 


Duration: 1-5hrs

My shorter day walks are structured to suit my clients needs and abilities. I will discuss the various options available and tailor make the walk to suit your current fitness level, duration of walk and preferred route.